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It is easy to get bored and exhausted reading article after article about how to run your business, what you should focus on, how to think like an entrepreneur, etc. We believe that the future of consuming content online is either videos or podcasts. The learning Times gives these 10 advantages of podcasts that we definitely agree with:

1. Podcasts make information personal.

In a podcast, the content is communicated directly to you, the listener, either verbally or through video. That’s a much more intimate way of getting information than reading it from an e-mail or document.

2. Podcasts are convenient and easy to consume.

Once you subscribe to a podcast feed, new podcasts are automatically downloaded to your computer as soon as they are available. You can listen to them at your convenience.

3. Podcasts cut costs.

Because podcasts are delivered digitally, they eliminate many costs associated with other forms of communication including postage, printing, and paper. They can also reduce meeting costs and e-mail storage costs. They are easy to archive and updating them is quick and easy.

4.Podcasting is a time-efficient form of communication.

You can listen to podcasts while you do other things at work or at home, or during your commute. Some types of meetings can be eliminated in favor of podcasts, saving time and improving productivity.

5. Podcasts are portable.

Once a podcast resides on your computer, if your computer is portable, you can take the podcast with you and listen whenever or wherever you want. Or, you can transfer the podcast to a personal media player such as an iPod.

6. Podcasting is an on-demand technology.

Listeners decide what they want to hear, and when they want to hear it. On one hand, this means you’re competing for their eyes and ears. On the other hand, this means that if they are subscribing to your podcasts, there’s an excellent chance they’re actually getting the information you’re providing to them.

7. Podcasts are one way to deliver on a social networking strategy.

This post gives you business inspiration and lessons with a difference, and there is no need to read.

Mention inspirational podcasts

With all of this buzz, Mention wanted to know what other podcasts we’ve been missing out on, so they asked our friends. Here’s what they had to say!

Click on the links to find 25 hand-picked podcasts all about business lessons. And you don’t have to spend hours reading each one.

Find the podcast you want, sit back and enjoy learning and getting inspired about your small business!

1. Startup (from Gimlet Media)

image04Eric Stevens, Interactive Designer for GE & Founder of Asmbly

Alex Blumberg documents his personal journey of building Gimlet Media in real-time. Startup is a behind the scenes perspective of how an idea evolves to a pitch to a partnership and, well, a startup.

2. Startups for the Rest of Us & 3. Reply All (Gimlet Media)

image00Rob Carpenter, VP of Marketing, Front

Geared for entrepreneurs, designers, and developers, Startups for the Rest of Us is providing advice on how to launch software products. If you love the weird world that is the Internet, you’ll love Reply All.

4. The Unmistakable Creative & 5. On Being

image05Carrie Jones, Editorial Director, CMX

In The Unmistakable Creative, Srinivas Rao sources some of the most inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs. He does a great job of pulling out people’s stories and identifying creative turning points. I often find myself following most of his guests closely after I hear them on the podcast.

I also love On Being, a show answering “what does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?” It’s by far my favorite podcast, but not at all business-related.

6. Smart People Podcast

image06Nathan Bashaw, Product Designer, General Assembly Dash

Smart People Podcast is awesome – they basically just identify people who have done amazing things, and then spend an hour talking to them to help all of us benefit from their experiences. The interview style is very direct, and they pick awesome people. Worth listening!

Numbers 7-12 are brought to you by…

Sofia Quinteroimage02, Head of Growth, Geckoboard

7. Product People

I love this podcast by Justin Jackson because it gives you a very detailed view of what it takes to launch products and reach market fit. If you are into product development, this is a very inspirational yet practical podcast.

8. Tim Ferriss Show

If you need a dosage of thinking big, Tim Ferriss Show will do the trick. Amazing interviews with great thinkers, entrepreneurs, and extremely talented and accomplished people.

9. Invisibilia

Invisibilia offers great entertainment and educational value. They apply great storytelling to psychology and the reasons why we do what we do.

10. The Gary V Show

I listen to Gary Vaynerchuck for the same reason I listen to rap music: It helps me to get into the right attitude to kick ass everyday.

11. James Altucher Show

I love James’s honesty and crazy approach to interviews. It is a bit similar to the Tim Ferriss Show, but with a bizarre twist.

12. You Are Not So Smart

This podcast will make you question everything you think you knew about yourself.

Numbers 13-17 are brought to you by….

gilles-2Gilles Bertaux, Growth Manager, Mention

13. This Week In Startups

Jason Calacanis brings us insights from popular startups.

14. Design Details

Brian Lovin from Buffer shares really cool tips and inspirations on designing user interactions.

15. Call to Action Podcast

Cool marketing tips from the Unbounce marketing team.

16. a16z Podcast

Insightful discussions on startups, venture capital, and management from Benedict Evans and Ben Horowitz.

17. Dorm Room Tycoon

Really cool interviews of popular startups founders, such as Product Hunt, Meetup.com, The Verge, Y Combinator, Typekit, and more.

Numbers 18-20 are brought to you by…

SoleneSolene Maître, Head of Product, Mention

18. The Product Hunt Podcast

I love how natural, frank, and transparent founders are talking about their products and their stories. It’s the best way to learn from product builders.

19. Context Matters

I was sold on “Context Matters” when they tackled the issue of gender in their very first episode.

20. The Valley Girl Show

Might sound super cliché for you, love it though!

I shared this post to reddit, asking for additions, and there were so many great suggestions I just had to share them.

21. Startup School with Seth Godin

Evan Bashir, Product Developer

Seth’s podcast is podcast is extremely practical, and covers the a to z for everything Startup related.

22. Board and Brilliant from WNYC’s New Tech City

From reddit user: “Sometimes we are looking to technology (reading, blogs, podcasts, etc.) for inspiration when really what we need is wander, dream and sometimes be bored, in order to come up with ideas worth building.”

23.  99% Invisible with Roman Mars

From reddit user: “I’m a cofounder of a quickly growing SaaS company, and I have a long commute every day, and I’ve cycled through almost all of the startup & tech podcasts that are out there. There are so many good ones, really. But what I’ve found lately is that the podcasts that really make me think, change my frame of thinking, and have been more impactful to me in my business thinking are ones that have nothing to do with technology or startups, but rather those that explore storytelling and explores the human experience. In this vein, I love On Being, 99% Invisible, Theory of Everything, The Truth, The Allusionist, Story Collider, and Here Be Monsters are among my favorites. Not necessarily business related, but still valuable in helping you expand your thinking.”

24. Starting From Nothing – The Foundation Podcast

From reddit user: “It’s a good listen, and has tons of legitimate guest speakers, from Wet Shave Club to Woo Themes, and their backgrounds and how they got where they are. This one keeps me motivated as a lurker/wantrepreneur.”

25. The Growth Show

Hubspot’s podcast with CMO Mike Volpe.

Want more?

Checkout these inspriring podcasts for businesses: 25 Podcasts to Listen to for Business Lessons http://t.co/o0xZblthoc via @mention

Also check out Eny’s Happy Hour Business Podcasts featuring interviews with business owners as they tell us about their journey into entrepreneurship, their experiences and tips for current, aspiring and soon to be business ones.

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