The eCommerce Life Cycle Podcast series

The commerce customer lifecycle podcast series

Comments: It is vital that small businesses have good basic knowledge of digital marketing whether you are going to do marketing yourself or outsource marketing. We think this podcast series is a great place to get that knowledge!This post brings you unmissable digital marketing podcasts by Shopify Partners for small businesses that want to build a profitable online business. Each podcast is roughly 40 minutes in length.

  • In Part I of “The Ecommerce Customer Lifecycle,” focuses our attention on the “acquisition” phase and asked the question: “How can we get potential customers to visit our sites?” Tactics discussed included social media, paid advertising, influencer marketing, among others.
  • In Part II, we moved on to discuss “conversion” which focuses on getting the visitors of your website to actually purchase products. This step is where user experience, design, branding, content and your on-site strategy are crucial.
  • In Part III, we turned our attention to the often overlooked topic of fulfillment. Whilst on first glance you might think that it’s a simple case of putting a product in a box and adding a postage label, there are plenty of other factors to consider — many of which will help your clients showcase themselves and their brand values.
  • In Part IV, we focused on retention. This includes ways to get customers to keep coming back and purchasing products. Having long-term relationships with customers who have already purchased from you can be highly profitable as your “cost per acquisition” reduces.
  • In Part V, we discussed all things measurement and asked how to use analytics and data to ensure that all ecommerce customer lifecycle activities are profitable.


The podcasts give useful guidance for any small business owner or entrepreneur to market their business or know what to expect from digital marketing services providers. I especially like the fact that the information is unbiased and covers both the mindset and practical steps that make for successful digital businesses today. I recommend you follow @shopifypartners on Twitter and even subscribe to their newsletter.

Comments: We hope you enjoyed the podcasts and have learnt a lot on your journey to business success!

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