Psychological Pricing Strategies Guide – 9 secrets to sell more

Psychological Pricing Strategies Guide

Psychological Pricing Strategies Guide

Really enjoyed reading this guide All new entrepreneurs & small business owners should read it I do recommend it!” Alexandra R.

Setting the right price for your products and services can be challenging because you want to sell as much as possible and make as much profits as you can. At the same time, you don’t want to scare your potential customers away by being too expensive! Let’s face it, people decide to buy based on what goes on in their head – psychology that is defined  by Oxford Dictionaries as”the scientific study of the mind and how it influences behaviour…the kind of mind that somebody has that makes them think or behave in a particular way… the mind influences behaviour in a particular area of life”

This is the ultimate guide to making sure the price is right for your small business’ products and services. With this Psychological Pricing Strategies Guide, you will learn subtle cues and techniques to sell more and make more profits for your e-commerce small business. We know this is true because businesses are using these techniques right now to sell to you and me.

Don’t make the mistake many small businesses and startups make of believing that their customers are too clever or wise to fall for these subtle cues – after all, you and I fall for these techniques every day and decide to buy right there and then. Furthermore, we all walk away from absolute brains on a daily basis from businesses that do not use the clever techniques that motivate us to buy from them. Instead, these businesses watch us go and buy from their competitors.

In this  bumper guide, you learn the basics of how to set prices for a small business that sells products or services. We go much further and tell you how and why each pricing technique actually works and the pitfalls to avoid. Finally, you get guidance to implement each of the 9 pricing strategies in your business today.

Click HERE to go straight to the download page for this essential reading which builds on rthe esearch of tried and trusted strategies to sell more.

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