6 Creative Musts for Business to Stay Memorable

They say perfect things come in small packages. So here’s a ‘short a but sweet’ Guest post from one of our partners that sheds light on how to make your business memorable to potential clients and partners! Enjoy

6 Creative Ways for Business to Stay Memorable

So what makes a good company and what do you need to do to get started?

Interesting question!


Good businesses engage and captivate their customers. As a customer, you only want to buy from people you trust. Trust is built up over time but first impressions also count. So, let’s talk about first impressions and how you make a good one;

  1. Corporate identity: A powerful and recognisable logo makes your business memorable, so having a good graphic designer is vital.
  2. The website: A great website that shows off your business or portfolio, services or products is important, so get a web designer that really knows his stuff. It’s an absolute must in today’s digital society.
  3. Photography: An image can say 1000 words, it has no language barriers and can communicate a powerful message without saying a word. Don’t try to achieve this on your own just by taking photos on your iPhone. You need a professional with the correct high-spec equipment.
  4. A powerful video: Some people don’t have time to read through thousands of words, they want to know about your company in a fast, fun way. Decide what you want to convey and find an expert to bring your company message to life with an engaging visual.
  5. Don’t forget about print: Newsletters, posters, flyers, business cards, letterheads and pop up banners. Think creatively and insightfully about your portrayal. Print is still an effective way of putting your message across.
  6. Marketing! Without this, no one is going to know about your fantastic work. Plan a strong marketing campaign and get a solid team behind you. There are many types of marketing from SEO, Social Media, influential Marketing or Email Campaigns.

There is a lot to think about before launching. Most entrepreneurs that have great ideas give up at the first hurdle because of the workload involved. Believe it or not, there are CEO’s working ridiculous hours in order to make a living, as they are not willing to invest in professional services.

We all dream of owning our own company, but there is so much responsibility and not enough time to do it yourself. Are you taking on too much? Or maybe you are doing all the right things but you are tired of having to deal with loads of freelancers to get all the tasks done for your business?

So what is the solution? In an ideal world, you could have all your needs catered for in one place, with less cost and minimal hassle. You know what is coming next…The Sales Pitch! It just so happens ‘The 6 Creative‘ are a one-stop shop that caters for all your creative needs. We have contacts with some of the leading freelancers in the business, ready to take on your projects for better results and enabling you to make great savings by getting all of your creative services from one place, for one price. Get in contact with us today via the website. No matter how big or small your project, ‘The 6 Creative’are here to help.

The 6 Creative

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