Why There Is Only One Type of Ideal Salesperson

Ideal types of salespeople

Why There Is Only One Type of Ideal Salesperson (infographic)

Selling is an essential task for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, very few of us enjoys performing the role for many reasons. These include a misconception of ‘Sales’. Consequently, many adopt ineffective approaches that ultimately fail to achieve the results they desire. They also often leave a negative impression on prospective clients that further damages the chance that they will return to buy at a future date. This Guest infographic, developed in partnership with SalesForce, shines the spotlight on the reality that it’s up to salespeople to know what their customers need in order to close the sale. This includes knowing the Job to be Done (JTBD), or the causal driver behind a sale or another such customer action

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Why There’s Only One Ideal Type of Salesperson Infographic




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