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Welcome to smallbiz-emarketing’s Business Radio page. Here you can listen to our weekly insightful interviews with business owners featured on Eny’s Happy Hour – a weekly show on

Grab the downloadable podcasts to listen to local small business owners as they share candidly,  what motivated the to go into entrepreneurship, their experience of running businesses, lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and much more, all mixed with a variety of awesome music to suit all musical tastes.

We believe Internet radio is one of the key platforms in future digital marketing as it gives businesses the chance to show their personal side and authority in a way that is impossible to convey in hundreds of text pages on a website. The beauty for listeners is the fact that our guests are not trying to sell their products and services. They simply aim to inform, educate and possibly inspire other startups to take the right steps to begin and grow their business instead of learning the hard way through making costly mistakes.

For digital marketing consultancy like smallbiz-emarketing, our show is a fantastic addition to our online marketing services for clients and prospective clients alike. Furthermore, guests who come on the show get FREE advertising and Public Relations exposure for their company to a growing audience of their potential customers.

The beauty for listeners is the fact that our guests are not trying to sell their products and services. They simply aim to inform, educate and possibly inspire other entrepreneurs to take the right steps to start and grow their business, instead of learning the hard way through making costly mistakes. Existing business owners also benefit enormously from getting inspiration and advice to move their business to the next stage from people who have been there, seen it and got the t-shirt!

If you are a business owner who wants to appear on our show and get advertising to thousands of local listeners, a podcast for your website and social media promotion of your business, please get in touch.

Be sure to check back here every week to be one of the first to hear new podcasts as we upload them.  Of course, we welcome your comments and suggestions to make our shows even better. Please leave your feedback in the comments section or tweet us @smallbizemarket, facebook us @smallbiz.emarketing or link up with me on LinkedIn @enyosung

Enjoy the interviews! 

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Past shows:

  • Interview with Winston Stirling (Streatham Wells Building Services)


    Winston has been in the construction business for seventeen years following his role as an engineer. He is highly ambitious and enthusiastic about life, work and making a difference. In fact Winston is in the process of setting up a care home for the elderly in the UK as well as planning to start a safari travel business to African countries.

    His current business, Streatham Wells Heating and ... Read more »

  • Interview with Mary-Jane Boholst (Conscious Cocoon)


    Mary Jane is Founder and CEO of Conscious Cocoon, a truly unique and innovative coaching service for shy and introverted entrepreneurs to find their inner confidence and portray a confident persona to potential customers, existing clients, partners and investors. Displaying confidence also leads to better work performance and more productivity at work.

    She is passionate about making a difference and leaving the world a better place ... Read more »

  • Interview with Phillip Mallourides (Gold Office Solutions Ltd)


    Phillip is Head of Operations and Finance at Gold Office Solutions Ltd. He is passionate about helping others succeed in business as you will find out in this podcast.

    Phillip is determined to help children with disabilities get maximum enjoyment from holidays and has set up a holiday scheme for them to make this happen.

    When he is not working he can be found sailing on ... Read more »

  • Interview with A.J. Dosani (Ace Accountancy Services)

    AJ Dosani is a Managing Director of Ace Accountancy in Sutton. He is a committed badminton player with a love for football, healthy eating and supporting disadvantaged young people to participate in political debated. He took over the family business from his father at a relatively young age and has overseen its growth ever since.

    An ambitious entrepreneur, AJ has recently started an international business that provides services to architects ... Read more »

  • Interview with Mark Wileman (Independent Distributor, Utility Warehouse)

    Mark Wileman (Independent Distributor Utility Warehouse)
    Mark is passionate about helping people, not just to save money, but also in creating and achieving business goals and dreams through the opportunities Utility Warehouse provides. In his five years in business, in which he combines entrepreneurship with his day job in retail, Mark has made personal gains including public speaking. He has also successfully built a base for what he ... Read more »

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